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With over 10,000 clients across multiple industries, chances are we have a feature that fits your needs...but if not, let us know and we'll work with you to create one.

Easy management with our All in one dashboard



Send and Receive Notifications and Alerts

& Alerts


Advertise using Mobile Marketing



Easy to use Interactive Events



Large selection of Administrative Tools



Create your own Mobile Site




All-In-One Dashboard


Why waste precious time and energy logging into multiple systems when you can access all communication channels through one, user-friendly dashboard?


Txtwire combines SMS, Email, Social Media, and Voice Broadcasting into one application so you can easily interact with your customers, wherever they spend their time.


Notifications & Alerts


With one easy click, you can send notifications to an entire group, through multiple channels. For instance, let's say you have a group of people who want to receive school closure alerts. Each person


can specify if they prefer to be alerted via text message, email, voice recording, or all of the above. When you send the message, each person will then receive it through whichever channel(s) they prefer.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Through Your Mobile Device

There are over 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions in a world with only 7 billion people. Every business should consider how to best leverage mobile as a marketing


channel. Txtwire provides businesses with the tools & services they need to easily incorporate mobile into any marketing strategy.


Interactive Events


Creativity is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. If you can engage and captivate your audience, consumer response and action will increases. Txtwire gives you the


tools to do just that. With interactive SMS polls, raffles, and live Q&A sessions, you can stop disrupting and start delighting your audience.


Administrative Tools


Tools should be like a well built car, powerful but simple–and like the best machines, fun to use. We have crafted our admin panel with simplicity at every turn. We don’t think you should have to read


a thick manual just to communicate with your customers. Our intuitive interface steps you through each task so you can spend more time doing what you do best.


Mobile Sites


What's your call to action? Let's say you've sent out a message to your customers. They opened it, read it, now what? Will they get excited in the moment, but forget the next?


By adding links in your message to mobile sites you've created, you provide an easy stepping stone into richer content and a more targeted call to action.


Smarter Advertising at a Fraction of the Cost

Marketing is important for the growth of any business. But let's face it, advertising through traditional channels such as radio, TV, and print isn't exactly cheap.


Txtwire helps business get most out of their advertising dollars by increasing ad exposure through SMS, Email, and Social Media sites.

Smarter Advertising at a Fraction of the Cost

Marketing is important for the growth of any business. But let's face it, advertising through traditional channels such as radio, TV, and print isn't exactly cheap.


Txtwire helps business get most out of their advertizing dollars by increasing ad exposure through SMS, Email, and Social Media sites.

Dashboard Features



Social Media

Over 90% of all SMS messages are read. Use SMS as a way to conveniently and effectively reach large audiences in seconds.

Compose emails with rich content. Send emails in conjunction SMS messages to maximize exposure and results.

Utilize our hooks into social media to post updates to your Facebook page and send messages to your Twitter following.

Voice Broadcasting

All-in-One Inbox

2-way Dialog

Record a voice message and send it to thousands of landline or cellular subscribers at once through Voice Broadcasting.

View and manage all of your SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter responses in one Inbox.

Use the All-in-One Inbox to start a 2-way dialog with your customers through SMS, Email, Facebook, or Twitter.


Full Reporting

Save time and effort by using one of our pre-built message templates or create your own.

Get the information you need to measure success and make informed decisions through our in-depth reporting.

Notification & Alert Features

Rapid Communication

Organization Tree

List Segmentation

Reach large audiences in seconds and through multiple channels with our enterprise grade notification system.

Create a hierarchical structure to help you manage subscribers. Send messages to a broad or targeted audience with ease.

Segment subscribers into target lists based on attributes such as age, location, gender, interests, and anything else you define.

Address Book


2-way Dialog

Browse through the people in your subscriber lists. Send messages to individual people or select few.

Schedule your messages to be sent on a future date, time, or frequency.

Communicate back and forth with your customers via SMS, Email, Facebook, or Twitter, all in one screen.

Auto Responder

Attribute Tags

Custom Triggers & Actions

Create automated response messages for customers interacting with keywords or web forms.

Use attribute tags such as, age, gender, ZIP, or interests to send targeted, relevant messages to your subscribers.

Customize the way you interact with people by defining unique actions for specific events.

Mobile Marketing Features

Auto Responder

Campaign Management

List Segmentation

Create automated response messages for customers interacting with keywords or web forms.

Track the progress of your campaign and make real time adjustments if needed.

Segment subscribers into targeted lists based on attributes such as age, location, gender, interests, and more.

Mobile Business Cards

Mobile Landing Pages

QR Codes

Send contact information, social media links, and even YouTube videos directly to a person's cell phone. Import contact information with the push of a button.

Provide customers with rich content and targeted call-to-actions through mobile landing pages.

Generate QR codes and use them in your print material for easy access to digital content, videos, and more.

Campaign Scheduler

Message Throttle


Schedule your campaign to start on a future date and time.

Don't risk over burdening your call center and upsetting customers. With message throttles, you control the rate at which messages are sent over a period of time.

Save time and effort by using one of our pre-built message templates. Create your own on the fly.

Mobile Coupons

Short URLs

Multi Media Links

Dynamically insert coupon codes into each message to track redemption.

Conserve character space in your SMS messages with our shortened URLs.

Enhance the customer experience by including links to pictures and videos within SMS or email messages.

Drip Campaigns

Store Locator

Activity Alerts

Keep in constant contact with your audience. Create a series of predefined messages to be sent at specific intervals or triggering events.

Give customers the ability to text their zip code to a phone number and receive contact information and directions to the store nearest to them.

Receive alerts via email or SMS when people interact with your marketing campaigns.

Interactive Features




Captivate audiences by allowing them to participate in live Polls with their mobile phones. No apps required. They just text their answer to number and the results can be displayed in real time.

Gain valuable insights from the consumer by allowing them to participate in surveys through SMS, email, social media, or even interactive voice calls.

Looking for a fun way to engage audiences? Invite them to answer Trivia questions from their cell phones during TV & radio shows, sporting events, or even classroom lectures.


Live QA

Go paperless with our digital raffles. Gather cell phone numbers and randomly generate a winner with the click of mouse.

Use SMS as a powerful, non intimidating way to gather questions and comments from your audience. View questions through our user friendly interface and respond to them publicly or privately as well as collectively or individually

Administrative Features

Multi-location Management

Custom Branding


Managing multiple locations is easy through Txtwire. Run campaigns across multiple locations or individually. Access real time reports for all locations, in one centralized place.

Need a custom look and feel? Send us your logo and we'll create a branded version our software for you, at no extra cost.

We track every sms, email, voice message, and subscriber so you can bill your customers, your way. Txtwire makes it ease to generate invoices and enforce usage restrictions.

List Management

Multi-language Support

Age Verfication

Upload entire subscriber lists or add and remove subscribers one at a time. Create segmented lists based on subscriber attributes.

View the Txtwire interface in your native language. We currently support English, Spanish, and French but can add additional languages upon request.

Make sure you're compliant with age restricted content. Use our age verification feature to screen out participants younger than the legal age.

Phone Number Validation

Web Subscription Forms

System Notifications

Upload a list of numbers and we'll tell you which ones are valid cell phones, landlines, or invalid numbers.

Gather subscribers on your website or Facebook page with our web forms. Just copy and paste a few lines of HTML into your webpage and you're done.

Stay informed. Receive notifications via SMS or Email for specific events, such as a customer opting into a group or when your message credit balance is low.

Mobile Site Features

Mobile Optimized Web Pages

Rich Content

Multi-Media Experience

Provide a positive mobile experience for your customers by transform your existing webpages into a format suitable for mobile phones.

Use mobile websites as a stepping stone into richer content and a more targeted call to action.

Send people your interactive digital business card, complete with pictures, videos, maps, and "click to import" contact information.

Data Collection

Shortened URLs

QR Codes

Gather additional information from your clients, such as age, gender, likes, and dislikes, through mobile websites.

Don’t waste precious character space! Our short URL feature allows you to send more content and less URL.

By scanning your very own unique digital QR code, subscribers can access your website, mobile business card, promotions and more!

Just a reminder that tonight’s youth activity will be held at the bowling alley at 6:00 PM.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” - Philippians 4:13
Calvary Chapel will be helping in the local Soup Kitchen this Thursday Nov. 21st @ 8pm. If anyone would like to help, please reply to this message.
Tom, this is a reminder that your payment of $59.99 is due on July 18th. To make a payment call 800-223-3344 or visit http://pay.it/2342.
Mrs. Jones, this is a reminder that your appt. with Dr. Palmer is Tuesday, Dec 4th @ 2pm. If you need to reschedule please call 208-332-8128. Thanks!
Does Walmart carry the new Razor Scooters? If so, what aisle can I find them on?
Team: Corporate is giving us an additional 20 basis points for each new distributor this month. Please reply with what opportunities you have in the pipeline.
Congrats to John Parker for signing his 100th distributor! Tom Wilkenson will be awarding him the "Top Performer" award this Tues at 6pm. Don't miss it!
Sara, your regular monthly order will be shipped on Nov 30th. Please contact us at 800-332-2223 if you have any questions.
Coldplay will be performing in the San Jose area on June 4th 2012. To reserve your tickets now, please visit www.tickethub.com or call 800-232-1122.
Can you play Creep by Radiohead?
Deadmau5 will be performing live this Sat. Aug 29th @ Ministry of Sound. Don't miss it!
PizzaShack: Your order of 2 large pizzas is now ready for pickup @ 340 E. Broadway.
Texas Roadhouse: Your table for 4 is now ready. Please show this message to the stewardess.
Mimi’s Café: Show this text during the next 3 hrs and receive 25% off of your order!
Subway: Come in today and earn double reward points on any purchase! Offer expires @ midnight.
Fashionwear: Buy any shirt at regular price and receive 50% off the second. Offer expires 01/15/13. Show coupon PN01198
Mike's Pharmacy: You’re prescription has been refilled and may be picked up at any time. Thank you
School District 93: All schools have been closed today due to severe winter storms.
To vote for class president, reply A for Mark Summers, reply B for Cindy Manning, or reply C for Tom Green.
Hillcrest High School: Mr. Thompson, our records indicate that your son Jake did not attend 4th period today. If you have any questions, please call us at 877-234-1122. Thank You.
Please send a Taxi to 2343 S. 500 E. Salt Lake City this evening at 5pm. Thanks.
Bus 3423 is currently on time and will arrive at your bus stop in approximately 15 mins. Sponsored by Tom's Deli: Show coupon PN0229 for free sub
Twilight Movie: Click on the following link to see an exclusive trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2: http://vi3w.it/twilight

See some great ways to use Txtwire:

  • Meeting Reminders
  • Send text reminders to youth or adults about church activities and events.
  • Spiritual Thoughts
  • Provide scripture verses or spiritual thoughts to subscribers throughout the week.
  • Service Opportunities
  • Notify church members of service opportunities in the community or congregation.
  • Payment Reminders
  • Remind customers of an upcoming payment or due date on their account.
  • Appointment Alerts
  • Send patients and customers reminders about their appointments.
  • Mobile Q&A
  • Use SMS to gather feedback and questions from employees or customers.
  • Team Management
  • Send motivation messages to your team and track their progress through SMS.
  • Activity Alerts
  • Update your teams with real time alerts about new enrollments, sales goals, and opportunities
  • Product Orders
  • Inform distributors and customers about product re-orders and monthly promotions.
  • Special Events
  • Get the word out. Send invitations for special events, concerts, or parties.
  • Radio Stations
  • Invite listeners to text in their song request, comments, or votes.
  • Night Clubs
  • Build excitement and club loyalty. Promote events, specials, and DJ's.
  • Take-Out Orders
  • Let you customers submit orders from their cell phones. Notify them on their phone when the order is ready.
  • Table Availability
  • Notify customers via SMS when their table is ready.
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Send incentives or coupons to mobile phones during slow times to drive foot traffic.
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Build brand loyalty by communicating reward points and special promotions in real time.
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Send incentives or coupons to mobile phones during slow times to drive foot traffic.
  • Order Notifications
  • Notify customers when their order is ready for pickup.
  • School Closures
  • Inform teachers, parents, and students of a school closures due to bad weather.
  • Audience Participation
  • Let students participate in polls, voting, or live Q&A through SMS. Display results on a big screen in real time.
  • Attendance Alerts
  • Send parents automated alerts when a child misses a class.
  • Taxi Requests
  • Allow people to text in their location to request a taxi.
  • Bus Arrival Times
  • Let people text in a bus stop number to see when the next bus will reach their stop and if it is running late.
  • Transit Advertising
  • Place SMS call-to-actions on transit advertisements to engage audiences.




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