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Interact with your audience
in new and effective ways.

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Reach people through
everyday devices.

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Use powerful tools that
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Opening a dialogue with your audience can be challenging. By leveraging SMS, email, and social media to start the conversation, we provide creative and engaging ways to connect with your audience. Ways in which you would like to be engaged. Through dynamic tools such as SMS polls, raffles, live Q&A sessions, and much much more, you can stop speaking at–and start speaking with–your audience.


We live in an age of devices. You might say devices are today’s window to the world. We help you speak with your audience through the devices they use every day. Whether you need
to fire out an email to 2000 people letting them know school is closed, or handle 2 million SMS votes for the latest rock star...we put the power of communication into your hands.


We built Txtwire around the simple idea that communication is power. Too often, the communication tools at a company’s disposal are slow, clumsy and error prone.
We felt there was room for improvement and identified the critical tools needed to engage audiences of all sizes. We then made them dead simple for anyone to use.


Agile businesses are those that can respond quickly to the rapidly evolving marketplace. However, measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts can be challenging.
We provide robust analytics and centralization of customer feedback so you can effectively evaluate your efforts and focus on those that provide the greatest ROI.




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