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Instantly send SMS notifications or alerts to parents, students, and teachers. Join with other schools around the country and save both time and money by using Txtwire's emergency text alert and notification system.

The sign up process is easy and your school can be setup in less than a day. We guarantee you'll love our simple & effective SMS solutions and superior customer support.

SMS School Notifications

Why use SMS in your school

  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • Important School News
  • Weather Advisories
  • School Closings
  • Event Updates and Cancellations
  • Schedule Changes
  • Tuition Payment Reminders

The Txtwire advantage:

  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • PowerSchool Integration
  • Very Effective - 98% Open Rate
  • Reach thousands of people in seconds
  • Interactive SMS Polling
  • Low Cost, High Value Only

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